Joseph M. Sak

Web Production & Strategy

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When you hire a web developer, you need more than just a coding machine. You need someone who brings thoughtfulness and intuition to your project. Someone who comes to every problem with a holistic approach. With relentless resolve, I challenge myself to find elegant solutions.

15+ years of professional experience

I am a seasoned technical consultant and web application director who has worked with an expansive array of clients and industries. These experiences have shaped my ability to draw keen insights into any project.

Not just a coder

Refusing to be limited by any narrow role, I take ownership of my responsibility to the client, the project, and the end-user. I communicate often and with integrity. You will be delighted to work with me on your next project.

A selection of professional highlights

All of the hats

As a project contributor, I am versatile. I have excelled at all points along the web development pipeline:

I am cross-functional, able to translate across teams and bring disparate stakeholders together onto the same page.

A broad landscape of client history

Among hundreds of clients, both independently and as an employee of web design agencies, I have worked for fast-paced startups, city governments, airports and transit authorities, nonprofits, customized 3rd party and fully in-house e-commerce, boutique agencies, corporate enterprise, and more.

Ready to work with me on your next project?

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